Know Organ Systems in Humans and Their Functions

Organ system in humans is a collection of various organs that have their respective functions, but can work together to maintain the continuity of bodily functions completely. For example, the digestive system which consists of several organs, including the stomach and intestines, although each has a special function, but together work to digest food. Likewise with other organ systems. Various Organ Systems in Humans The human organ system is divided based on its function. The following is the organ system in humans and their functions: Sensory system The sensory system consists of five senses or commonly known as the five senses. Namely the eye that functions to see, the ear to hear, the nose that functions as an olfactory device, the tongue as a tool to taste, and finally is the skin. Particularly the skin is part of the integumentary system, the system that covers organs in the body. Besides functioning as a sense of touch and taste, the skin is also a protective body from
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